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Saldaña Homes, LLC has had the self-motivated opportunity to participate in the home building industry for over seventeen years. Saldaña Homes, has committed to developing long-term relationships with their clients while building superior and economical homes. Our desire is to assist others in building their dream home while maintaining an affordable price. Our commitment is to ensure our buyers quality and satisfaction more so than a national chain builder can give by creating personal relationships. Throughout our experience as a home builder, Saldaña Homes has become knowledgeable in how to effectively increase company visibility and cultivate new business relationships with team members. We have honed in on the ability to identify innovative opportunities. Our team consists of motivated, experienced professionals with the ability to produce a semi-custom home that will benefit both the client as well as the community as a whole.

Saldaña Homes builds semi-custom homes to benefit the home owner. A semi-custom home is built with custom features that give home owners a warm and comfortable home. Our emphasis is producing a quality home that will benefit the home owner. We take pride in our homes and believe that you will do the same. Saldaña Home also has a commitment to Green Building. We believe that is important to help our environment and producing an economical home is one of our top priorities.
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